As Seen On TV Cat Products

As Seen On TV cat products are one of the top brands that you should look into as a fur parent. They offer a wide range of innovative cat toys that will surely make your cats well taken care of.

Since their product catalog is basically endless, we have compiled some of the best ones in this article. In this way, you won’t have to get overwhelmed when choosing a new toy for your pet.


The Kitty Cat Mat [] is a mat or rug designed specifically to keep your cat entertained in its simple ways. It also features interactive playtime features, which means that it’s a good tool to have around when you’re not at home.

In addition, the brand recommends using this if you currently have issues with your cat having the need to tear whatever is in your home. Although not an official treatment for behavior issues, this can serve as an assistant to somehow control your cat’s destructive tendencies.

Each corner of the Kitty Mat comes with different toys. You can expect feathers, strings, a toy mouse, and even secret catnips.


As cats’ claws are much more complex than human nails, it can be hard for inexperienced owners to give their pets a good pedicure. In fact, even if you’re an expert in the field, it can still be difficult since some cats can get stressed or uncomfortable in the process.

This is where the Emery Cat Board [] comes in. This product comes in the form of a large nail file board. Here, cats can simply use it as a scratching board, and their nails will automatically be trimmed.

You can guarantee that your cats won’t feel any pain or discomfort since the surface is made with a patented honeycomb surface.


If you want a functional cat product that can act as a groomer, shedder, and massager, then Purrfect Arch [,Purrfect%20Arch%20-%20Cat%20Self%20Groomer%20and%20Massage%20All%20In%20One,your%20pet%20entertained%20for%20hours.] is for you. This arch is made of soft bristles, and is just the right height for cats of any kind.

What’s more, its base can also serve as a scratching post. This means more entertainment for your fur baby. It’s also infused with catnip, so it will automatically attract your cat whenever needed. It will also reduce your cat’s shedding, furballs, and matting in the long run.

Simply, the Purrfect Arch is a combination of As Seen On TV’s products.


The next on our list is another flexible tool designed to ensure that your cats keep having fun even inside the comforts of your own home. In particular, we are talking about the 4-in-1 Cat Toy [] .

From the name, the product comes with 4 interactive tools, specifically a feather spring, circle ball track, mouse holes, and a scratchpad. Hence, you can guarantee that your cats won’t get tired of this in the long run.

This is worth getting if you want to provide a good exercising platform for your cats. This is also ideal for all ages, so it won’t matter if it’s a kitten or a fully-grown cat.


This cozy 2-Tier Cat Tower [] will give your cat a luxurious and fun space of its own. The first floor comes as a cozy cave for cats who want privacy, while the second offers a fresh air lounge. Either way, this assures a more functional cat house compared to traditional designs.

Note that both tiers are made of plush and comfortable fabric to further enhance your cats’ experience.

The product is also easy to set up, so you won’t have to worry about needing professional services in the long run. Since it’s already two-tiered, it won’t need that much space. In fact, a small corner will already fit its needs.


If you don’t like a two-tiered cat lounge, then maybe the Kitty Shack [] will be a better choice for you. This can be either a tube bed or a regular bed. All you need to do is to close or open the product’s zipper.

However, what makes this product different from other soft cat beds is this also acts as a hair trapper. This uses a magnet-like tech so that it won’t harm your pet.

Meaning, this can serve as another way to de-shed your cat without stressing it out. You will also be able to prevent fur from sticking into your couch and other furniture.

It also has a Thermo-Reflective base to ensure that your cats stay cozy and warm when using the shack.


For cat owners that are having trouble with their babies’ clawing, then you should check out Cat’s Meow. [] This comes with a magic mouse wand that will automatically move on its own when turned on. In this way, your cat will be more attracted to it rather than your furniture or clothes.

Apart from solving issues with clawing, this can also give your cat the daily exercise it needs. You can easily place it on your carpets and rugs, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping away. Once you press the tool’s button, it will already do the rest for your cat’s entertainment.


The Kitty Scratcher [] , despite its name, is more of an all-in-one tool rather than just a simple scratcher. This comes with a groomer, de-shedder, and nail filer. It also comes with a mouse toy, which will keep your cats playing while using the tool.

The product’s material is made with a soft yet tough finish. This means that it will stay both comfortable and durable for your cat’s use.

Getting the Kitty Scratcher for your cat will ensure that its nails and fur stay healthy with minimal effort on your side.


Since most of the As Seen On TV cat products mostly revolve around similar purposes, you should take several factors into account. These can include your needs, preferences, price, and likes.

Anyhow, rest assured that each product comes with its exclusive benefits. We, however, personally find the 4-in-1 cat toy as the most functional out of the bunch. The Purrfect Arch and Kitty Scratcher are also good choices for all-around needs.